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Monday, July 04, 2005

Here at The Blackboard Jungle, we're big fans of ex-pat american blogger Colin Gregory Palmer. One of the most talented British bloggers (though adopted from rough colonial soils, we took him to our hearts as native talent; hell we don't need the likes of Palmer as competition), he gained an extra special place in the pantheon when he began a year of teacher training in a London school.

Damn, not even tourists are that silly.

After a year of off-blog slog, Palmer's back, and as prolific as ever. (Now with extra added Londonist swearing, too. Bless. It's like he belongs over here.)

Don't miss him.
While watching over an experiment in class, I noticed one of my year nines wearing a band I had not seen before which read: 'stand up and be heard'.

"What's that one for?" I asked.

"It's against racism, Sir. I think it's a bit vague, though. 'Stand up and be heard' could mean anything."

"Well," I said, always trying to encourage my students to think, "what would you have it say to make it more clear?"

He paused a long while before saying: "I'd have it say 'don't be such a fucking racist'. That's much more to the point."