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Monday, February 21, 2005

A consistently inventive blogger, Peter, has published several memories of schooldays spent in a 1951 Scottish classroom, detailing rather evocative moments:
Miss Bowers would knit, or stoke the coke room-heater. She would put the school milk beside it in winter, as then it usually arrived frozen. We liked it frozen though - pretended it was ice cream. The worst thing of all was summer milk, which could be quite sickly. Malcolm Johnson (a big boy who lived on a farm) would come in once a day and look at the thermometer, then write up his findings in a book. That was his job. He was temperature monitor. Those were early days for Public Health regulations.
I would quote further; however, NakedBlog is not wholly or even often about education ... which makes these memories, to my mind, all the more interesting.