The Blackboard Jungle

days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Media pre-production coursework project is finally coming together. Having spent forever over-complicating course plans, messing up the arrangements for a trip the students couldn't then go on, and feebly failing to explicitly outline what it is I wanted students to do, I finally hit upon the idea of using the electronic whiteboard to complete the coursework myself.

Bingo. Every time I try doing the work I blithely set children with no thought of the consequences, I learn something. It's the steepest learning curve, to have a crack at doing the task yourself, lends me far more sympathy for the inherent difficulties I've already failed to iron out, and without exception always sends me back to the drawing board to ask less of the students, but done to a higher standard.

And yet, every single time, I forget what a great idea it is, and fall back into my old muddy explanations and over-complicated 'help' sheets.

Regardless, my storyboard of 'Undertow', and new police drama serial set on the police cruisers that patrol London's River Thames, however badly executed, is a thing of beauty. Let me not forget this feeling again, please.