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days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Friday, October 01, 2004

Ms Lectrice,

Im apolagizing for my rude attitude and behavior* yesterday,

I'm sorry because your one of my favorite* teachers.

Thank. you. yours sincerely


Dear Jessica,

You forgot:
  • sorry for screaming 'rass' at you.

  • sorry for getting angry when you told me it was swearing.

  • sorry for hitting your arm out of my way.

  • sorry for storming out of the room and going home in a sulk.

But, for the cute way you squealed "nooo, MISS, don't read it NOW ... I'll get embarrassed! Noooo!!!" when you passed me that letter, I forgive you everything. Peace.

Ms Lectrice

* Look at those appalling Americanisms. *sigh*