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days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Friday, September 10, 2004

Continuing the story of deadly dull data: I sneaked a look at my school's baseline data on last year's GCSE results. Although the results overall were good, apparently, I'm the only teacher in my area whose students improved beyond the level all their IQ tests and YELLIS nonsense predicted was possible. Yay me and up the team, and so forth. (Interesting that only industrial espionage allows me access to this knowledge.)

It wouldn't even have become important, except for a particular anniversary that occurs this December. Ten years.
Although nothing's been finalised yet, the paperwork still not submitted or the ink dried inside the head which thought it up, this is the year I decided I will be needing a career break. This, as a matter of absolute fact, is the term that I'd decided to leave. All plans progressing, I should be in Other Climes by spring 2005, doing Other Things.

Damn. Damn this sudden indecision.