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days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back to college. Learning about misconceptions, funnelling, scaffolding and diversity.

The diversity lecture raised some interesting discussions. For the village where I live the local census shows one person of non-UK white origin and my road jams up every Saturday night with Christians flocking for miles around to attend chapel. (yes, Saturday...I don't know why either...we don't have the same congestion issues on Sunday's...go figure). I know that diversity is more than race and skin colour and religion but where we are is so incredibly mono-cultural...the kids don't have chance to be intolerant of other races, there aren't any. The discussion decended into the pros and cons/evils of positive discrimination for Welsh speakers/women maths teachers/male nursery teachers.

Lots of essays, presentations and maths – lots and lots of maths. Everyone else on my course either just finished a maths degree or only finished their own A levels three years ago so can remember it all. I on the other hand am the thick kid in class - “I don’t geddit!” Stuff that I remember being OK at school is now a total mystery. Maybe it was a mystery at the time and I just learnt by rote and followed the steps but now am more discerning and want to understand why…I’d sure hate to teach a mini-me. Maybe I need to join the posh kids from round here and get a tutor?

I am also applying for my first job. There isn’t a hope in a chocolatey teapottey hell of me getting it – for a start there are three teachers in the school already, on short term contracts, who do want it. Why are they advertising – are the ones that are there rubbish? Anyway, filling in the form and composing my supporting statement are meant to be good practise. If I get an interview I will consider it a success. Unfortunately I’ve left it too late to get a proper adult to read over my application so am sending it off blind. It looks terribly earnest…all about encouragement and expectations and ethos and assessment. If they want a goodey two shoes then on paper at least I’m their girl.