The Blackboard Jungle

days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Last week was been all highs and lows.

The week started with a mother who accused me of “grabbing” the arm of her year seven daughter and of “picking on her”; the staff all told me not to worry, that the family have history, but of course one does. Whilst I could see the source of the “picking on” accusation – she is a persistently disruptive, disobedient back-chatty little girl – I was very afraid of the arm grabbing accusation and could see no basis for such. Witness statements were taken and despite the reassurances of my colleagues I was very afraid that my barely born career was about to end on the false accusations of a naughty child. Anyway, the mother came in and chats were had with the head and the whole thing is now blown over. I still have to deal with the daily contact with said child and the inability to remonstrate with her poor behaviour for fear of parental accusations.

In the middle of the week we had the first of our formal assessments of our lessons and progress from college – an ordinary lesson which becomes in your mind the make or break of a yet barely born career. I’d only met the class twice so was rather nervous – but of course it went fine – the kids were attentive and chatty and I had chance to show planning, improvisation and a developing relationship.

My year 10 classes are getting wearing – they are all large and lively. Individually good kids but on mass hard to handle. I’d love to be that approachable respected teacher but am having to err on the side of disciplinarian

We’ve a week and a bit to go until Christmas. End of term tests for all years and GCSE mocks for Y11 to mark. Then another school – it’s taken this long to get confident and aware in this school – I so don’t want to go somewhere else!