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Thursday, September 08, 2005

So, I went swimming training last night (none of us really know why we do this, it has become more of a social event than a fitness one, none of us is getting thinner or fitter but this may be because, since we are all 30-40+ the exercise is merely serving to hold back an inevitable gravitationally induced decline...3500m later, exhausted we weigh ourselves and see no change from the week before...anyway I digress) and spoke withe my friend S who is a primary school teacher.

It turns out that in this part of the UK there is a glut of primary school teachers, all newly trained and yet we have declining birth rates and schools competing not to be the ones to close. Having spent two years on supply teaching (stay in, call the Local Authority, see who needs you that day, make no plans, never really bond with the kids) S has now secured TWO jobs. Two half time jobs to cover teacher preparation time. She now spends her lunchtime travelling between sites and at each school spends no more than a morning with each class per week. Sounds tough to me. S loves to teach but was warning me about the immense amounts of paperwork that I would face.

Seems like teaching is one of the few professional jobs I know where the people in that profession try and warn you not to join it.