The Blackboard Jungle

days spent beating back the seeds of doubt

Friday, September 30, 2005

It's been a while since my last post and the world of learning how to be a teacher is hectic, full and whirling. Just as we all think we are getting on top of the work and can stop, relax and have a coffee, more comes along! It's just like having a real job without the cash, nice clothes or respect of your peers.

This week we have all (well, most of us anyway, apart from the super confident model-esque looking child geniuses amongst us who WILL get their comeuppance or will become Superheads and burn out at 35) been panicking that we don't know much at all about our chosen specialisation. How does one hypnotise and entrance a group of recalcitrant 13 year olds to the joys of quadratics? These doubts have been compounded by the airing on C4 of The Unteachables which has driven us into the very ponds of despair that we will never, not in a month of INSET days be able to control such demons. Our early aspirations to be calm, caring and knowledgable have downsized to a mere desire to escape the classroom with our dignity intact - replace "our dignity" with "our lives" by the time we actually get into school.

Our school placements have all been handed out and we all know whether we are spending the first term in the Welsh equivalent of educational bedlam or the Grange Hill of our youth. My own placement is in a smallish Welsh town that could only be desired as Uninspirationalville. The good news is that I am looking forward to it enormously!