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Thursday, September 22, 2005

How much reading do we have to do!!

Also, although I did a full time engineering degree the first time around I seemed to have more free time than I do here - I never spent this much time in the library (guess that's why i got a rubbish degree then).

First time around somehow the daily mundanities like washing and making sure Him Indoors has something for his tea and finding time to tax the car and go to the dentist didn't seem to intrude - I guess I was just smellier and cared less about the maintenance of my rented student squalor than I do now as an adult with a mortage to maintain. I don't understand how people with children cope (that's a general statement do they cope full stop, let alone with studying or a job on top!).

Another thing. The government entice you onto the course with the promise of a £6 or £7K bursary - it's not a lot, but it will pay the aforementioned mortgage. The course start in the middle of September - but the first cheque doesn't come until the end of October! What's that all about! How are we meant to live in the meantime? Consider this - the simultaneous growth of the banking sector in the UK at the same time as the government are trying to encourage student numbers in HE - a link I think...someone has to fuel the debt.