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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I have finally relented to the pressures applied by my good friend Lectrice and agreed to adopt-a-blog on the Blackboard Jungle site. I hope that you will be gentle with me as I am new to the blogging palaver and am somewhat nervous that I may bring the reputation of the esteemed Jungle into disrepute, or worse still...boredom and falling readership!

There she is swanning around the world leaving me to start my PGCE in Secondary Mathematics in just four days time. I start the course with a week long primary placement in a really lovely little Welsh village school. After that I have about a month in college before being let loose in school. We spend most, 80% at least, of the PGCE year in schools - which seems to be a technique designed to sort the wheat from the chaff from the very outset - bail out now while you still can - but is one which fills me, and I am sure all my fellow students, with dread and horror; "who me, out there...with them! Now!". I can't imagine what we will be taught in that first month in college - basic riot crowd control techniques and first aid maybe? That I haven't studied Maths for the best part of 20 years doesn't seem to concern me nearly as much as the wide eyed rabbit in a headlight terror of facing 30+ 15 year olds. Maths - pshaw, there's a book for that...but kids...! As a 35 year old with no kids and a fairly successful career in engineering behind me I know that if I don't know the answer i can always look it up...but children, in front of me, all their eager and doubting acne filled little faces looking up at me...hell, what was I thinking!!

In the meantime, for the next four days I shall try and cram in a summer's worth of spare room DIY and family visits. I'll give this site an update next week once I have met the wee poppets in my primary. Wish me luck.